Ferfed Cares Project


The Ferfed Cares Project (FCP) captures the organization’s heart, of being a business that concerns itself with some identifiable needs in society, and contributes significantly, in providing solutions to them.

This is in line with the organization’s values:

‘Service to God’ and ‘Service to humanity.’

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ferfed Business Consult Limited (FBCL) has been involved in several philanthropic activities over the years that it has been in existence. These include supporting religious programmes, new business ventures, and donations to charities. In 2019 these activities were properly aligned to reflect the company’s contribution to society, seeing how touching lives continues to remain crucial. As such, the Ferfed Cares Project’ encapsulates the organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. 


Corporate Social Responsibility


This is support for religious based programmes in the form of sponsorships.


This is an avenue for continuous skill development, targeted at fresh graduates from tertiary institutions and entrepreneurs starting out on various ventures. FBCL partners and experts in various sectors and fields of study are brought on board for a day’s workshop and interactive sessions with participants. The world of work will continue being competitive, and the only way to get ahead is through learning and being up to date with the necessary skills. Step- up seminar is therefore a way to help prepare the next crop of human capital to measure up to these standards.


This involves taking up community based projects that bring development and allows for more engagement within the organization’s immediate catchment area.


This is the final FCP activity of the year particularly done to spread love and joy. It involves donations and partnerships with some nonprofit organizations to reach out to the underprivileged in society.

An invitation to partner

Ferfed business consult limited offers you an opportunity to partner on the FCP.

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