So lets Throwback To May!

May Day looks good on the calendars. All the buzz is directed to employees. They are appreciated for their contributions to their organizations, thus the society at large. 

The occasion was no different here at FBCL. Even more so we extended it. We decided not only to applaud employees’ efforts but also use the opportunity to invest in them.

We planned a series of in-house training, and presentations by our C.E.O on company values, mission, and vision statements. The training focused on public speaking and speech writing and it was geared towards building employees’ communication and presentation skills. 

Client service is ingrained in us.

The C.E.O’s session on mission, vision, and values was a good one, affording us the opportunity to reflect over and be well-grounded in what we stand for. Understanding our corporate values means we will be more able to serve clients well at all levels. Hence we explored the roles every employer can play as far as client care is concerned.  Our professionalism is a notch higher and together, we are poised to build the reputation we all want.

It is why we exist

Our employees are our greatest asset. Quoting from our mission statement, we exist: “To provide the intellectual capital that will add value and provide effective solutions for our clients”. So continuous skill training for them is something we hold dear. 

And we are glad to add that the no stringent working hours does miracles. Our employees have now developed a new culture of sharing on helpful working ethics during weekly staff meetings. What a great way to begin each working week! 

So these are the ripple effects from MAY DAY. EVERYDAY, MAY DAY IT IS!




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